BAPTISM (In development)

On the edges of the Mississippi, Kevin once saved Fay from drowning and they embarked on a heady teen romance… which ended in heartache before the summer was out. Five years on and Fay lives an isolated life; haunted by memories, still searching for a reason to live.

When Kevin is accused of being John the Baptist, a sadistic and violent serial killer, Fay’s passions are reignited. As his face is splashed across the TV screens, all Fay sees is the man she once loved, her saviour. Everything she holds to be true is in question…

She finds an ally in enigmatic David; claiming to be a down-on-his-luck police detective who believes Kevin was set up. Against the backdrop of a broken post-Katrina New Orleans, Fay begins a mission to clear Kevin’s name. When he breaks out of jail, the lovers are reunited and on the run in bayou country – but if Kevin is innocent, who is the true killer?

Written by Clive Bradley and Michael Thelin

To be Directed by Michael Thelin