LONDONSTANI (In development)

A coming of age story set amongst London’s second generation Asians where four “desi rudeboys” fight and preen to be the King of Hounslow.

Set in 90s London, LONDONSTANI is a story of friendship, tradition, money, and meaning as it played out on the fringes of immigrant society in contemporary Britain.

Jas and Hardjit’s veritable crew speak in the macho argot of a section of Desi youth who are discovering who they are and on what terms they want to enter society; through tensions at college, their contemptuous and yet respectful distance from the traditions of their parents, the styles and conceits of wanting to be fiercely and formidably distinct.

Based on Gautam Malkani’s cult novel, the story raises the curtains on the cultural, generational and sexual tensions of a section of society that were uniquely exploring what it means to be British.

Written and to be Directed by Nirpal Bhogal